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The Story
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The story behind Hex Appeal

Invented by a drummer, for drummers.
Introducing: Hex Appeal!
-A straight-up approach to cymbal

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Ken May, President and Founder of, is a Drummer/Quality Engineer. Ken has been fixturing his drums on a modular rack since 1989 and noticed that most drum/cymbal hardware is made of tubular (hollow) plated metal(cheap stuff, made overseas), which is very easily damaged (bent) when tightened into a Clamp. When the rack systems first came out they were great because drummers could use their existing tom and cymbal arms and wouldn't have to carry the tripod bases ever again. However, drum manufacturers continued to use tubular plated metal in their tom and cymbal arm designs regardless of the shift in drummers needs... Why do drummers have to put up with the old way? Hex Appeal is designed for the modern drummer ready to throw away the old standards and utilize a new approach (and appearance) to cymbal mounting.