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Shipping Policy
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Shipping Policy

We ship UPS (United Parcel Service) daily out of our plant in Wyandotte, Michigan USA (Zip=48192).
Standard shipping is "ground" and normally takes 2-5 business days for delivery. In addition to delivery time, keep in mind that orders must be processed, which takes 24-48 hours in most cases. The further you are from us, the longer it will take to receive your package. Go to for more info.
We ship to USA and Canada. If you are outside of the Continental US, we will need to set up a customized shipping charge for you. Rates may be higher than our standard rates. If you are outside of USA and Canada, we will consider shipping to your area based on the location.
To keep things simple for us and our dealers, we offer flat rates for shipping. These rates are not designed as a means to increase profitiblity, in fact we lose money on many orders. The current rates are $6 for one item & $12 for 2 or more items, delivered to the Continental US. This covers the price of the box, packing the items securely into that box, labeling and insured shipping costs. We feel our rates are very reasonable, especially on larger orders.
Please contact us before placing an order from outside of the Continental US.

Click here to request a UPS tracking # for your previously placed order. Please include your name, address, and date you placed order.

Request Tracking #

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