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2005 Stage Equipment

2005 Stage Equipment
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The Bose L1 cylindrical amplification system

May Bros. current equipment setup: 

Thanks to the advent of the Bose Personal Amplification System (PAS), we are now running in true stereo utilizing two "L1"'s (see pic) with attached "B1" subwoofers for each.

Fred is running through a ZOOM digital multitrack recorder/mixer with built-in digital effects which contains his live channels and backing tracks consisting of keyboards, bass, guitar, & vocal harmonies. The live channels are Martin Acoustic Guitar and vocals thru a Shure SM12 headset mic to enable mobility and enhance consistency of signal. The SM12 also has an earpiece which contains a click-track synced-up to all backing tracks which are fed from a remote Boss Synth Module. The backing tracks are all recorded by Fred, one track at a time, and then mastered to the internal hard drive of the ZOOM recorder after being recorded and mixed. MIDI time code is generated by the ZOOM and sent to the synth module to create the click. Both channels of the click track module are sent to Fred and Ken via discreet Behringer Eurorack personal mixers for control. Note that there is no lip-syncing performed by Fred. Backing tracks are strictly utilized to supplement the lack of musicians on stage and differ from live tracks.

Ken’s now miking his drums: Audio-Technica PRO25 kick mic, Shure SM57 for the snare, and Shure SM94 condensor mikes for the rack and floor toms. Also, Ken has a new kit for this year. Well, it was made in the 70’s, but it’s a Slingerland maple kit with a 24” kick, 14” & 16” toms, and a 5x14” steel snare. All drums are chrome finished and all cymbals are made by Zildjian: 14” Hi-hats, 20” Ride, and 2 crashes (18”/14”). The four drum mikes are routed to an Alesis mixer with built-in digital effects. Also, a Behringer Multicom compressor is used to compress the drum signal to help recreate the fat drum sound of  the 1960’s/70’s classic rock era.

Fred and Ken’s final mixes are sent out to both Bose PA’s to create a full stereo sound, which Fred can control with two small remote mixers right at his music stand.

Also new for 2005: Laser added to music-activated light show.