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Live Dates
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(all shows in State of Michigan, USA)
7.29.04 Toasty's -Indian River (dress rehearsal)

7.30.04 Chucks Place -Drummond Island (1st show)

8.28.04 -Mt Carmel Festival, Wyandotte (Too loud for local residents--Ken almost arrested in altercation with the authorities, according to witnesses.)

11.13.04 B-Day Bash 2004 -Wyandotte, MI (wsg/ James Dial)[Video shot for DVD, but FCC banned release due to what was termed "inapproproate content" based on pending Federal investigation. Appeal denied by supreme court, May 2005]
6.25.05 Graduation Party -West Bloomfield (cops shut us down again. luckily we were done!)
7.2.05/7.3.05 The Northwood, Drummond Island. A landmark event: This marks the first back-to-back dates the May Bros. have ever performed. This is also the first club show in which backing tracks were incorporated in the show. Look out Ashlee Simpson!!


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