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Here are some recordings I've performed on-

This is a low-budget cassette that I played on with Guilty Party, an original Gothic-Progressive-Metal Group. The drum tracks were recorded at RT Audio in December 1992 and before the project was complete the recording console died, so we had to dump the tracks onto his new console he was forced to buy! It still turned out pretty darn good, luckily. I had insisted on manufacuring CD's instead of cassettes, but I was kicked out of the band B4 the recording was released, so they released a tape instead (luckily I saved the DAT Master so now I can make CD's -hehehe). OK, so I was the one who came up with "Stiff Sentence" as the title of the 12-track LP. -lol.


Here's a 12-track disc I performed on with the band "Hump" which was my first "retail-ready" LP. It was recorded in Woodhaven, Michigan April-June 1998 and engineered by Peter Bankert, who's worked with Korn/Sonic Youth as well as many, many other big names. Good job, Pete! (Pete is going to engineer my new band Trench's upcoming debut CD.) The title track "This" is a short African-Style drum solo which can be downloaded on the home page of this site:

hump this, baby

IN 1999 Hump was asked to tour Germany. This is the product of that invitation, a compilation CD:

Germany compilation CD

Email me for a copy of any of these recordings in CD format:

Ken A May @ Wyan . Org