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Filipina Tequila

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Filipina Tequila

Here are some audio clips of Gladys on Sunday night, February 20th, which I recorded from my cell phone. She and Paula were at Paula's place & drank a bottle of Cuervo 1800. They decided to call me to drive them to the casino since they were too drunk to drive and were dying to go to the casino. I politely declined their offer (I was tired), but Gladys didn't take kindly to my rejection. After a few calls, things were headed South. So I turned off my cell phone at 9:30 to avoid a fight, but She was persistent until 10:33PM. What I didn't have recorded was her apologizing at 2am, because I turned my phone back on, so a msg wasn't recorded. Check out the voicemail She did leave me below to see exactly how it went down that night: (click on the text below)


9:33 PM she's just getting warmed up. she is slurring her words already, but not at the boiling point yet

10:30PM (my personal favorite) she never wants to talk to me again, but at least she says "thank you" 6 times in one minute. I appreciate you politeness, sweetheart!

10:32PM now she's lost it. royally pissed-off. she starts swearing here

10:33PM her last call before she passes out. she's really getting nasty now. time for bed, honey