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Trench Reviews (NEW)


Trench Reviews (NEW)

"the quitter. that is huge. you 2 punk assed bitches deserve esch other. a drunk, downer addict and a 30 yr. old so called man living at home with mommy and daddy. we can play these little fag games if thats what you want, or, you know where i live, so bring it on tough guys. you 2 pieces of shit couldnt hold my jock strap musically. anytime, anyplace. at the same time you whiney assed babies. neither one of you have done anything musically, and you never will, because you suck. fuck you you fucking little bitches."

-Tom Jeffers

(Tom Jeffers has many accomplishments under his belt besides being one of the best bassists around, including: Former Ray Street Park member of  7 years, two World tours with "The Titties", and countless credits with many more famous bands, plus world-class studio work over the last 3+ decades...)