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Trench is:

Lou Abraham: Guitar, Vocals
Tom Jeffers: Bass, Vocals
Ken May: Drums

The Beginning:

Tom had left Ray Street Park in January 2003 due to musical differences, even though they were still good friends. It was time for Tom to make his departure from Ray Street towards another avenue (no pun intended!) After two world tours, several bands including a 7-year run with RSP, Tom's musical future was uncertain, but he needed a break and it was time to move on and pursue another direction due to the fact he was simply burned-out...
After taking a few months off, Tom decided it was time to get going again...
So he called an old Friend, Lou Abraham, whom he had seen play countless times with Big Money Bob, to see what he was doing musically. Lou had also left his band but was now jamming with a group called "face down", so Tom asked Lou to call if anything changed.
A few days later, Lou called Tom back and said "let's go!". When Lou asked if Tom had a drummer in mind, Tom said "yes, but nothing definate." Lou said he knew this cat named Ken and he was an awesome drummer, who had played with the original Detroit band "Hump" in the late 90's.
So, they set up a meeting at Drinks Saloon in Brownstown, Michigan on May 19th, 2003. Ken, Lou, and Tom talked things over and within minutes the three agreed to give it a go, shook hands, & it appeared a new band was in the works. With no name or real direction, they jammed a few times, but it seemed they were just going through the motions. Lou was too loud, Ken overplayed, and Tom was "too old".
Tom then went on a vacation with his wife and kids for a week and returned with a new attitude. While Tom was gone, Lou and Ken got together and jammed to "keep the faith".
When Tom returned, the three retired to Ken's basement, and within five weeks, had written five original songs and mastered a cover rendition of Rush's instrumental YYZ. With new outlooks and a headstrong purpose, the three started to get that feeling musicians get when they know a band has that magical vibe. Complete with songs and a name thought up by Tom's wife Kim, TRENCH was born.
Lou had become a fantastic composer and lyricist, totally confident, on top of being one of the best guitar players around. Trench also discovered that he has a great voice. He shares lead vocal duties with Tom.
Ken, the "computer guru", is an energetic percussionist with the ability to make his drums sing. Fast, powerful, precise, and professional, Ken is the consumate drummer. Ken, who is also a Manufacturing Quality Engineer, designs and sells his own custom line of aircraft-grade aluminum, hexagonal-shaped, solid modular fixturing systems for use with drum racks. Ken exclusively implements his own craftsmanship into his existing drumkit, which he calls "Hex Appeal". (more info @
Tom is a larger than life monster on bass guitar, banging his instrument, breaking strings, and enjoying his craft. Together with Lou, Tom shares the lead vocal duties, and their voices blend beautifully.
This is TRENCH, a 3-Piece power trio hailing from Wyandotte, Michigan. With melodic vocal arrangements, meaningful lyrics, and a rythym section of two that can sound like an orchestra, a guitar that screams and rocks, these three guys have become good friends as well as bandmates.
Words, words, words... Actions speak louder than words.
Check Trench out live. You be the judge!

Trench.WS snail-mail: 2720 Electric, Wyandotte, MI 48192